The Beach (again!)

The weather here this week has been absolutely sensational, so we headed to the beach. Ethan wanted a feed while we were on the sand.


He wasn’t too sure about going on the sand himself, but he loved the sea! He’s a definite water baby.

We took our Lenny Lamb (preloved) ring sling, so much easier than a pram! I have to admit, when I saw families lugging their huge prams, along with all the other beach necessities, down the steps and on the sand, I did feel a bit smug with how easy we were walking along with baba in the sling 😉 Here we are slinging it


After the beach, we went for an ice cream at the brilliant Remo’s cafe – part of the local Breastfeeding Welcome scheme (although if course it is a legal right to feed your baby anywhere in the UK).

This fabulous warm weather has really made me realise how lucky we are to live where we do! I hope it lasts, and I hope the weather is lovely wherever you are!


1 thought on “The Beach (again!)

  1. Loving your blog. I have so many lovely memories if feeding out and about and live to hear what others are doing with their bubbas too. Xx

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