Pizza Hut.

Sorry there haven’t been any posts for a while! Ethan has had a sickness virus, so we have been housebound, and it’s like having a newborn again! He’s 9 months old today, and thank goodness for breastfeeding because he’s still not interested in solid food after his bug. At least I know he’s getting plenty of fluids, as well as nutrients and lovely antibodies.

Anyway, here we are just about a week ago, in Pizza Hut in Park Trostre. We’d been to the sling library to try a new sling with buckles (for daddy!)


Oliver (Ethan’s Daddy) had a massive sundae dessert, Ethan shouted until he had a teeny share of the whipped cream!



1 thought on “Pizza Hut.

  1. Enjoying your blog 🙂 I have an Ethan too and he is 10 months now and I agree, breastfeeding is great when they’re ill (or teething as my little one is!)

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