Introductions, please!

Hello, bonjour, and a big welcome to my blog!

I am a 22 year old mummy of a baby boy, born in July 2012. The start of this blog celebrates our 8 month anniversary of breastfeeding!

The purpose of this blog is to show and celebrate the various places and occasions I have breastfed, in public and uncovered .

Breastfeeding is normal, natural, and fulfils all of your baby’s nutritional and comfort needs for at least the first 6 months of their life. Your breastmilk is specifically made for your baby, in a way no formula ever, EVER will be.

In short, I’m here to celebrate the breast.


5 thoughts on “Introductions, please!

  1. Congrats on 8 months! I am also breastfeeding. My son just turned 18 months and is still very enthusiastic about it! lol
    Welcome to WordPress. ❤

    • Practise at hospital (if that’s where you have your baby) and home first, so you and baby can get used to it all – remember it’s a learning curve for both of you!

      For extra confidence, try breastfeeding in front of a mirror if you like – it will show you that you actually can’t see very much at all when baby is latched on.

      If you still feel more comfortable feeding with a cover, that’s fine – but only do it for yourself, not anyone else. You’re not forcing anyone to look if you feed uncovered like I do, they choose whether to look or not!

      Seek out great sources of breastfeeding help now and keep the details handy in case you need them later on – a lactation consultant is ideal, or your local La Leche League group. Don’t be fooled by formula company ‘advice lines’ – remember they make
      their money from you NOT breastfeeding.

      If you haven’t already, get educated on normal newborn breastfeeding behaviour – is AMAZING for this.

      Happy breastfeeding!xox

      • Thanks, my already planning on getting some help from my mum, and the midwives who help with labour will also help with breast feeding. 🙂

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